I use Grammarly for proofreading because the Führer of the Grammar Nazis won't stop marching outside my house

Another year has passed, it seems to be time for a new blog post! It seems to be a thing I do; one new blog post a year during my most creative time of the year.
That time of the year has arrived because October is coming. The fall season has reached us all again. Fall seems to have become my most creative time of the year. Over the years, no work has been done on such a mass and such a speed as I have done in Fall these past few years. So, I feel that October 2013 is the best time for me to return.
My last publication, the fantastic poetry collection Candy BoyQueen, was published last September. Since then, I have not published a single poem, short story, or new book. Despite this whole year without a single publication, it has been my busiest year.
In the past year, I have organized how to refashion my poetry repertoire. With over a hundred revisions made to published works and all new pieces, my poetry work will be revived now and all through next year. In addition to poetry, I have updated and written all new stories for the coming months! In addition to all of this work, I have worked tirelessly on all new novels! Which of these novels I will be publishing soon is frankly beyond me. However, I do have four of thee things selected for my most creative month of the year!
In poetry; I will be publishing a new collection per month beginning October 1st. For starters, October will bring the publication of Disenchanted, a new poetry collection. Like all of my upcoming collections, it will include a mix of new poems and freshly updated poems that I thought were sub-par now.
In short stories; I have two different stories coming in October. On the 15th, I will be publishing the short horror story Forgotten. On the 24th, new full revision of the short story Through the Veins will be published with my newest book.
My comeback novel will be Where the Demons Slumber. I have been working on this new novel for a year now. The book is horror and contains incredibly graphic scenes. However, beyond that, it is a study in the corruption of innocence and the dangers of isolation. It will be published October 24th and FREE for a few weeks upon release. 
I hope it receives favoring reviews.
My upcoming work has all been given very careful scrutiny and has even been proofread alongside Grammarly is an excellent grammar-checker that I've been using a lot lately. If you are a writer, I highly recommend it. If you're a reader, you are even more assured of quality with all of my upcoming work for this comeback! Mediocrity in my work is a thing of the past! 

Lastly, thank you to people I know have been hearing me muse about my work for a year without producing a single piece!
Look out for my releases this October!
Too Long; Didn't Read: 
Candy BoyQueen has respawned. 
Three new publications out October. 
Poetry collection 
Disenchanted out 1st of Oct.
Short Story  Forgotten out 15th.
New horror novel "Where 
the Demons Slumber" 24th of Oct. A new poetry collection out every month.

Presenting: A first-look at my new collection Disenchanted.

[New Sunrise]
Resurge, return, reappear. 
Ameliorate, amend, improve.  Candent cascades arise.

Rueful anew. Hello, today.

The horses whine out in excitement. The road of dead ideas lies ahead. Upon it, ride forever dead or alive.
Heroes oft fail, we rescue ourselves.

Bouncing forth along the ocean. This day I walk like a noble. Queen, majesty, marching forth.

Intelligent sunrise.

Reborn, returned, reappeared.  Ameliorated, amended, improved. Candent cascades arise at sunrise.
Books have been released, royalties have been earned, and I'm still insane!!!
It has been just over a year since my last post on this blog and nothing has changed. Well, I've been doing more drag which is an artform I'm still learning about and love even more.

I lost a bunch of weight, gained it, lost it again, gained it, and am in the process of losing it all again! Wish me luck, I want abs again!!! (I had one for a couple of days then I re-discovered scones.)

I've written a novel which I started writing five years ago! Of course, two books written five years ago suck (I was 12 and 13?). So, this new book is 3x the size of the original and covers the roots of the story that I wrote about five years ago. So, this is going to be a 6-book collection, but it's a story I've been wanting to tell for a long time. It'll be published early 2013 so I have time to revise and make it perfect! 

That's a big thing with me this year: PERFECTION IN MY WORK. It's led to me re-shooting book covers, taking longer to produce material, and needing bigger budgets. However, it is more than worth it if you compare 2012's German Alcala books to 2011&10's.

During my revising work and the writing of my next novel, planning of another collection I want to write (totally different storyline), and six new poetry books due to be released by the end of 2012; I've been falling in love with J-Pop!!! It is all I listen to while I work. (I spend the free-time I have watching Showtime.)
So, I leave you with the song that inspired my next poetry book "CANDY BOYQUEEN!". It'll be released September 30th and I want to record most of the poems for my Recordings Repertoire.  I'll cover the topics of the book more in my next update, but if you watch the video... you've got a good basic idea (I expanded a lot and made it my own world; I'm still original after writing 600 poems.)

CANDY CANDY!!! by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
*Imagine I walk out of a dark corridor surrounded by Gay Pride Flags dressed in a black dress of a thousand hems, my hair is black and puffy with a height of three feet, and the make-up on my face is minimal with only some cat eye-liner* ... You with me on the visual? Good! Now for the juicy!

Dear Readers, Lovers, and Critics,

My apologies for keeping my blogging to the absolute minimum, but I would rather let people read my poetry or writing than bother them with my personal conflicts or trials. There is no huge news that is more important than a tweet or two, but there are some important pieces of information to share!!!
In No Particular Order these are the important new items to post about:
I have officially debuted my Pen-Name Demetri Oliver Sahagun with the poetry book "My Only Regret" I have had the name on a shelf for years now and I have finally put it to use in my eBook career!
The name of my next novel, and ambition will be TECHNO-FEAR! Only a few people know the story of how I tried beginning a cyber-series back in May of 2010, but was rudely shut down by rules that were in place back then. I spent a year writing the story in my head, and once I put pen to paper the words began pouring out with great speed! The cyber series will begin in October 4th! report back to to find the first episode, and of course my Twitter and Facebook for the dates of the next episodes (of which there will be 5!). On January 11th, 2012 I will release all five episodes uncut and extended (to a hopeful 100,000 words) in a novel named "Techno-Fear"! 
Also, I will soon be a Published Author in both the United States and China! Several brand new poems will be printed in an upcoming issue of Static Movement and a new Literary Magazine starting in China that is currently building its website (I have seen and fallen in love with it) my horror story "Through The Veins" is currently being translated and will be published in their first edition Stay Tuned!
FINALLY! On a more quiet and grave note: 2012 will bring only five new very short poetry books (10-12 new pieces every other month) under the name German Alcala so that I may focus on promotion and getting a literary agent. Also, depending on how the reaction, numbers, etc. go for those books I will or won't give up publishing poetry all together for 2013... DEPENDING ON 2012's NUMBERS!... We'll talk about this more in February 2013.
I shall see you again OCTOBER 4th for TECHNO-FEAR's DEBUT!
*turns and leaves in a diva strut as the lights flash pink*
Boy Queen Alcala
Alright, I won't hold you up in the blog section for too long. This is where I will be posting blogs every time something important happens, and hopefully posting videos once I launch a vlog in a month or so!
Right now I have a few announcements, because in German Alcala-Ville things have been VERY exciting... immensely exciting!
The first single off my coming album "And On The Eighth Day", Lunar Children, is out NOW! Listen To & Read It HERE free
I spent this morning sending out submissions for ten new poems into Literary Magazines and Zines. So, get ready for those.
XXX (Ticket To Hell) [Special Edition] is out tomorrow, so, go bookmark the book page here to be the first to read it!
The biggest piece of news I have right now is that my book "Swing: A Psychopathy" has been a real hit over at Amazon! With over three thousand downloads it is #2 on the bestseller list for Kindle Horror. I want my #1 spot! Make sure to download a copy at Amazon for your Kindle Right Away! If you don't have a Kindle just download the Kindle For PC and download it! Every number counts, and I'll be frank enough to say I want that #1 spot!...
I'd be more candid, but my website is censored. *tear*
That's all for now, darlings! Make sure to share this website with your friends!
P.S. There's currently a "Read Online" feature on a couple of my books in the archive... my entire book collection will have the feature in the coming weeks. Until then PDF works. <3

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